7 Insanely Economical Travel Experiences Around the World

By: Sean19891

You don’t need a million dollars in order to draw out the best, most groovy experiences from this world. Some of these cost less than a euro! You just need to keep your ear to the ground for the adventures that are actual bargains, offering so much for so little in return. Like the following round-the-globe journeys, which are super-budget friendly and promise to thrill you to your very core. Check them out and let me know which ones you would like to go for.


1.  Skyline View from the Staten Island Ferry

Quick question: Do you want to take a ferry ride for free? If yes, then head over to St. George Terminal on one of the most low-profile boroughs of New York City, Staten Island. From here, you can get onboard a classy ferry and glide on the dark blue waters of the Hudson. It will show you some of the best views of the New York skyline and especially of the grand, awe-inspiring Statue of Liberty. The ride usually lasts for around twenty to twenty-five minutes, dropping passengers off at the Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry ride operates around the clock and is absolutely free! Give it a try.


2.  Full Moon Party at Ko Pha Ngan

If rhythm flows through your soul, then you will definitely want in on the action that takes place at Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, every single month. On each full moon night, a party is held on the crescent-shaped island, with trance, drums, techno, reggae and any sort of music that gets your heart pumping. There are jugglers, fire-eaters, and many other exotic elements. This rave rages through the night.

Psst. It’s totally for free.


3.  Opera Jumbotron at Vienna

“Farewell past, happy dreams of days gone by. The roses in my cheeks already are faded.” Verdi, La Traviata…

If you’re a fan of opera and want to rejoice in a high-quality experience for free, then head over to Vienna, home to various musicians and artists throughout the centuries. At certain points in a year, the State Opera House showcases its best performances on a 15 x 30 ft. Jumbotron screen in the rear of the building for anyone to come by and watch. There is no need for a ticket, which on other occasions is really quite expensive. It’s free to all. Check out the dates for this event online using your Time Warner internet or some connection, and head over there as early as possible to get the best seat in the house.


4.  Roman Café Culture

If you happen to go by the Piazza del Popolo, you’ll find this cute little coffee shop beyond the arc with artistic chairs up front. It’s Café Vergnano, known since 1882 for its excellent coffee, and its ability to recreate that pure Italian essence. People come from all over the world to indulge in such the quintessential Roman café culture because it’s ridiculously inexpensive. An espresso costs a little over a dollar, quite a bargain for some of the best coffee and an incredible view.


5.  Alternative Berlin Tour

There is so much more to Germany’s capital than meets the eye. Besides the historic architecture and the summer terraces, there is a whole underbelly to this city which you can explore for free. How? With the Alternative Berlin walking tour troupe. This company takes you beyond the obvious landmarks right into the heart and soul of the real Berlin. Touring the underground and the local alleyways like a Berliner, you will get to see a mind-blowing variation of street art, and hear electronic, reggae, punk and rock music versions unlike any other you might’ve come across before. Again, this subculture can be experienced for free!


6.  Tapas from Barcelonan Bars

You know what they say, if you want to truly experience a place’s culture, savor its food first. And if that food is for free, I say why stop? Southern Spain is famous for its free tapas. It is a typical snack, a platter type if you may, in the Spanish cuisine, including meatballs, cod, anchovies, eggplant, fried squid rings, garlic mayo sauce, spicy sausages, slices of ham and bread etc. depending on the bar and the menu type. Barcelona’s Raspall, La Xula Taperia, Cecconi’s and others offer free tapas. Do not miss out on these delicious treats.


7.  Bolivian Markets

Go to Bolivia and not partake in the bustling market scene? Highly unlikely. Whether it’s the La Paz marketplace or a Sucre bazaar, you can purchase a bag of freshly-grown veggies, get a whiff of the dried herbs, see the colorful bagged spices, gobble down a yummy (and a very cheap!) meal on the street corner, drink a refreshing offering given by the jugo ladies, find an array of exotic produce, and delight in the general hubbub of activity on the Mercado scene. All for free!

So, more traveling with less spending? Definitely possible, as the aforementioned international experiences can show.


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