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7 Important Steps to Take After a Public Accident

By: Sunder Singh

As with any traumatic situation, the shock that ensues following a public accident can be difficult to endure. There are a lot of questions you may have regarding what rights you have, the steps you should take, and ways that you can keep yourself protected from the responsible party and his or her insurance company.

Far too often, individuals are involved in an accident and they go without reporting it simply because they don’t know what comes next. This can leave them trying to endure the aftermath of the accident on their own, and oftentimes without monetary compensation they may need for the damages they have suffered.

It’s important for you to recognize some of the things that are most important after a public accident so that you can protect yourself as you move through the claims-filing process. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind and how you should proceed moving forward.


1. Make Sure You Get to Safety

Any time an accident occurs, there’s a possibility for further problems to arise. For instance, in a car accident that occurs in the middle of the road, the vehicles that crashed would be in danger as other cars pass at a higher rate of speed. As such, passengers involved in the crash should ensure that they’re moving their vehicles, and their persons, to safety as quickly and safely as possible.


2. Get the Necessary Information from the Responsible Party

If you were in an accident and another person was at fault, you will want to know about that other party. Some information is more pertinent than others as it helps to identify who the responsible party is, how to get into contact with them, and their role when it comes time to file the claim.

You may want to know what type of insurance they have and who the provider is. This can help you when filing your own claim as it is the responsible party’s insurance company who would ultimately pay out the compensation you need to recover losses associated with the accident.


3. Speak with Anyone Who Witnessed the Accident

In accident matters, some of the biggest assets you can have are individuals who saw the accident occur and can help attest to the situation in your claim. These witnesses can be used to help support your side of the story and show that the other party was in fact at fault for the accident.

Get the information of any and all witnesses to provide to your own insurance company which can help facilitate the claim in a timely and effective manner. Your insurance company can reach out to these witnesses to get a recorded statement from them about what they saw in the accident and who was negligent.


4. Report the Accident to the Necessary Authorities

Getting a report with the proper authorities can be very beneficial as it helps you get your side of the story on paper quickly. As a result, you’ll have written and professional documentation detailing the parts of the accident you remember, as well as any statements from the other party involved and witnesses at the scene.

The accident report can serve as a strong piece of evidence in showing whose story is right and what happened during the accident. It will also house witness statements should the witness be unavailable to the insurance company at a future date. This way, the necessary information is still obtained.


5. Take Photos That Can Be Used to Help Your Claim

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” has never been truer than in an accident. Pictures of the scene of the accident and the damage to the property can give a clearer understanding of what happened and how the accident occurred.

Also, images of any visible harm you sustained can be helpful in showing negligence in fact led to serious injuries. Visible injuries can include cuts, scrapes, bruises, lacerations, punctures, broken bones, and more. This may also help your medical provider get a good idea of what type of treatment is needed moving forward.


6. Get Medical Attention for Any Damages You May Have Sustained

Any time an accident occurs, it leaves those involved vulnerable to damages to their persons. This can include broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage, whiplash, and much more. As such, it becomes imperative that you seek the necessary medical attention to help begin your treatment as quickly as possible.

This would allow you to undergo treatment immediately and give you a better chance at recovering quickly.

Seeking medical attention can also give you a record that you an use in our claim. Showing that the accident resulted in an injury can be beneficial in helping you seek compensation so you can cover the expenses associated with the damages you have sustained.


7. Get the Legal Help You Need to Navigate the Process

In any situation involving negligence and an accident occurring, it’s crucial for you to recognize what rights you have and what options are available to you. In an accident, both parties are bound to put the blame on the other, but we all know that one party is typically more at fault than the other.

Part of this is proving that the other party was in some way negligent and they caused the accident that led to the injury. This can mean they were drinking and driving, driving while distracted, or otherwise driving recklessly such as breaking traffic laws, ignoring traffic signs, and more.

Unfortunately, this means serious injuries can occur and when they do, you need strong legal counsel on your side to help pursue justice. Our accident lawyers in Brisbane have a strong understanding of the laws that are in place to help victims of accidents seek compensation, and we’ll work hard to help you walk away from a tragic event in the most favorable manner possible.


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