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7 Easy Tips to Build a Good Muscle Size and Maintain Proper Water Balance

By: Sunder Singh

Apparently, many skinny people have made a notion – gaining mass is a rocket science. But, the reality is otherwise. . Don’t be fooled enough to think like them. They are speaking so maybe because what they ate that didn’t work on them, maybe they were not able to impress a girl or just they didn’t take right nutrition.

Gaining mass is quite simple, you just need to choose the right formula and do regular exercise.

Have you ever noticed actors how they change their body size in comparatively less time for their upcoming movie than other people do?

How do they do so?

By taking right nutrition, relying on their nutritionist, trusting their gym trainer and most importantly by not doing anything stupid on their own.

Trust your trainer and nutritionist and keep these tips in your mind to build your muscle size and gain weight:

1. Know Your Nutrient Timing

Learn about the time when to eat and when not. Don’t just start eating because you are free. Ask your nutritionist to prepare you for a scheduled eating plan.

2. Eat meat

Consider having 1 gram of protein per pound for your body weight and maximize protein in your body. Meat is a rich source of protein, and it is good for your health. If you are vegetarian, choose to have more of rice and beans.

eating meat for better muscle size

3. Work on your most significant muscles

If you are lifting from long, it will be quite easy for you, but if you are a beginner, it will be difficult. So choose to start from big muscles first.

4. Eat Carbs

When it comes to gaining mass, carbohydrates play an important role. “Great carb sources that are inexpensive include potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, and pasta.”

Have them on a daily basis and gain weight.

5. Try a Lean Gainer Supplement

Know your body and take lean mass gainer. It helps your muscles to contract and keeps maintaining proper water balances. Since, protein cannot help you build a good muscle size, you should also add to your diet Carbohydrate rich diet. If you consume lean mass gainer, you will have the right ratio of protein and carbohydrates.


6. Get Lots of Sleep

If you aren’t sleeping enough at night, you take away your primary body time it uses to repair muscle damage. So by making the quality of sleep, you can hit the gym feeling stronger than you did before.

7. Don’t Get Fat!

Lastly, don’t get fat in the process of gaining weight. There is the vast difference in making a body and getting extra fat on the body.

Coming to conclusion, follow the tips above and build healthy muscles and maintain proper water balance.


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