7 Basics Preparations to Do Before Doing a Home Renovation

By: Sunder Singh

A home renovation is pretty exciting. Depending on how much you want to be done, you can end up with a house that looks completely different. You can also use this renovation to sneak in some remodeling and redesigning, all which bring you an inch closer to your dream home.

Before you enjoy your ideal home, however, you have to handle the renovation and the pre-renovation stage. Here are the seven things to prioritise soon as you start thinking about a renovation.


1. Determine a budget

This step might spoil some of the grand plans you have picked up from scouring magazines and watching home improvement shows. This notwithstanding, it’s a vital step in the entire renovation process. It will help you figure out what you are able to do at one given time.

In your budget, be sure to include materials, labour costs as well as miscellaneous costs that come up. If it is not uncommon for you to exceed your budget, setting aside a miscellaneous amount can help cushion your finances.

Because renovations are time and labour intensive and can create an inconvenience as well, sometimes its easier to have what you need to be done once and for all, as opposed to having several small renovation projects. In the long run, the latter end up being even more expensive.


2. Research materials

Allowing yourself enough time to shop around means you can review different options and costs. This is not a luxury you get when the renovation is in progress. If you wait until the renovation begins, you will be pressed for time and might have to make do with less than ideal items.

When shopping for materials, keep in mind that cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality. The reverse is also true.

For example, for countertops, you might have your heart set on granite which is quite pricey. Quartz has almost the same features as granite but is more affordable.

Therefore, shop and ask around, find out the expected life span of the various material and if any come with a warranty.


3. Ask for quotes

For most of the items, you will need, be sure to ask for quotes. At times, vendors might be willing to negotiate their prices. Use the quotes to see which providers have the best rates in Brisbane. If you are able to buy a number of items from one vendor, this is advantageous as well because you can request to get a discount.


4. Figure out what you can handle yourself

Depending on what you want to be done, some tasks can be easy for you to do depending on your workmanship skills. Handling these by yourself can reduce your labour budget. The extra cash can allow you to do even more renovations or go for top of the range items. However, most easy looking tasks become a nightmare once you get started. This wastes time, resources and you will have to call in a professional to re-do it anyway.

Only handle tasks you are confident are well within your competencies and handle them before the contracted renovation work.


5. Vet contractors

This goes beyond looking at websites and online reviews. You require much more detailed information including:

  • A contractor’s license.
  • An updated certificate of insurance for general liability.
  • Workers’ compensation.

Call the contractors well in advance to see if you can agree to a time slot for the renovation to be done. You will also need to give them a description of what you want and get a realistic timeline for when the works can be completed.

Spring and summer tend to be high seasons. Get a booking in winter or fall so that you are assured the work will be done the following season.

When making a final decision, also consider the contractors you have the best rapport with. These people will be in your house for days on end, depending on the extent of the project. This time is likely to be a bit more bearable if you’re dealing with a contractor you are on good terms with.

Similarly, finding a one-stop shop for the entire project can be cheaper and easier to make follow ups on. In Brisbane, a company like Unique Design can handle most aspects of your project in house. You can get more information on their range of services through https://www.uniquedesign.net.au/kitchen-renovations-brisbane/. Wrangling several contractors can slow down the renovation process and is tedious as well.


6. Alternate accommodations

This might be an essential aspect of your entire renovation, again depending on the scope of the project and if you have small kids. For example, where you want your entire floor redone, there will be dust and dirt, virtually throughout the whole house.

If you are only renovating a section of your house, the rest of the house does not have to suffer. Zip doorways are efficient for locking out dust from other rooms. You can purchase these beforehand to control the dust.

In the rooms where the renovation is taking place, it would be advisable if you could move the stuff out and into another room. This will protect your stuff from dirt and possible damage and give the contractors room to work and maneuver.

For most renovations as well, there is hitting and banging and hammering which is a bit much to take for an adult let alone infants and toddlers. It would be prudent to consider not being home for the duration of the renovation. If you vacation during summer, how about scheduling the renovations to take place while you are away? Not only with your family be happier and healthier for it, but it might help the contractors tackle several locations of the house simultaneously and finish much quicker than anticipated. Remember the longer it takes, the costlier it is to you.



As you can see, a thorough preparation process will help you save time and money and take some pressure off. What will be left is mild supervision and of course, the anticipation of your houses’ crisp new look.


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