Bulk email marketing tips

6 Tips to Send Bulk E-Mails to Your Subscribers

By: Brook Sevelyn

A bulk email service allows you to send email communication to a large list of email recipients. With this service, you can send one email to many people. It is commonly used for sending newsletters or email marketing.

In this service, if you have a list of customers or the prospects, you can send them the relevant content. Whether you are going for mass mailing on your own or going for a bulk email service provider, the following tips are going to be very helpful for you.


Send Bulk Mails To Opt-In Subscribers

It is advisable that all the email addresses in your mailing list are your opt-in subscribers.  Sending unsolicited emails can be considered as spam. Further, buying mailing list can bring many opt-outs, and every mail you send must have an opt-out option so the uninterested persons can easily opt-out.

email-marketing-Opt-In Subscribers

Pay Attention to Spam Guidelines

While opting for bulk mail service, you must inform the service provider about the spam guidelines so that you are not stamped as a spammer.


Attractive Subject Lines

The email newsletter you are going to use must have an eye-catching subject line. You can use the subject line as “5 Tips for Smoother Drive”. Avoid using “spam words” and put the title in Capital Letters. Most of the email subscribers want to know what is in the email so by offering a discount in the subject line you can lure them into opening the email.


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Shorter Email Newsletters Are Better

Almost every subscriber will not like to spend too much time reading the entire mail so keep only those points in the mail those are important. In this way, your email newsletter will be short. It’s nice to have links to any online sources which you may want to include so that subscribers can click on it.


Below is an example of a beautiful and short email news letter

short email news letter

source: pinterest.com


Add Call to Actions In The Emails

A call to action may encourage your customer to take action which you want them to. It may be a “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” button meant to make the customer take action. You can use a call to action button more than once in your mail message and in this way your email marketing campaign will be more efficient.

call to action in email marketing

source: sendwithus.com

Offer Exclusive Promotions

You can use bulk mail service to provide exclusive promotions that are available only with a mass email newsletter.  Such information or deal will give them a great reason to open the mass email message.

You can make the best use of these tips to have an effective mass email campaign, or they can help you find the best bulk mail service provider.


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