6 Law Firm Blog Topics to Write About

6 Law Firm Blog Topics to Write About

By: usmanraza5025

Want to boost your ratings on Google and drive more traffic to your website? Starting a blog is your answer. Blogging is a useful tool to draw more readers and increase your web presence and authority. Posting new relevant and informative content on a regular basis is key and will help keep your content fresh and boost search rankings.

Blogging may come off as intimidating, but it’s not! Blogging can be an excellent way to inform your clients and educate them with one simple post. The best way is to first think about what your clients and target readers would want to know. Still stuck? Here are some excellent blog topic ideas to start you off:


Blog Idea #1: Client Questions or FAQ

Start by brainstorming the types of questions your clients ask you the most frequently and write posts based on what you would tell them. So for instance, based on your FAQ page, you can write a post going more in-depth with your answers on a particularly popular question, or answer a group of related questions in everyday terms.


Blog Idea #2: A Checklist of When One Might Need a Lawyer

Many people may be curious and interested in learning more about this topic. The choice to involve a lawyer in a personal issue comes down to a few factors, ranging from financial to an inability to dissolve a conflict on their own. This blog post could be focused on the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer, and then turn the information into a checklist that helps your clients decide whether they should engage with you.


Blog Idea #3: News Related Posts

Your blog topics can be about current events, recent developments, trends and news headlines – anything that will bring relevance and importance to your message and help draw in readers. Some topic ideas for this would be new court ruling, trends in the law or within your industry, breaking industry news, etc.


Blog Idea #4: Law Firm Announcements

This blog post topic is a great way to inform your readers of changes and new things happening in your law firm. Feature firm news in a blog post or summarize a press release in your own words and link to the release within your post.


Blog Idea #5: A Guide to Finding the Right Attorney for Your Needs

This topic allows you to educate your audience about making an informed decision when choosing a lawyer. Most people are not knowledgeable about the law industry and have no idea what to expect or what to even search for. For this topic, you can quickly highlight your firm, but ultimately, the text should focus on impartial advice on checking the firm’s credibility and testimonials, along with making sure that its expertise matches your needs.


Blog Idea #6: Meet the Team

This topic allows you to highlight the lawyers in your firm; allowing your audience to get to know each and their personality. Not only should this be an opportunity for you to highlight your lawyers in your firm but it’s also a chance to focus on other employees such as the researchers, legal assistants, and other professionals behind the legalese.


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