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6 Key Benefits of VPS Hosting on Linux Server

By: Elanora Brown

In the past few years, VPS has gained in a lot of popularity and it has become the hosting solution of choice for many small and middle scale enterprises. It offers all the benefits of the dedicated server but comes at a fraction of the cost of the same. The numerous features it offers are far more than the shared hosting and gives small and medium-sized companies a way to expand their resources without having to spend too much.


What in Linux VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for a virtual private server that has been created with the help of virtualization software on a Linux server. All such virtual servers reside on the same machine but they are completely independent of each other. A major difference between shared hosting and VPS server is that they are completely independent of each other and do not affect each other. Now let’s have a look at the many advantages of choosing a VPS hosting:


Advantage-1: Unmatched Reliability

As on VPS server is completely independent of other virtual servers on the same physical hardware and it makes the VPS far more reliable. When you are on a shared hosting server, the traffic and computing activities of other customers can impact the rest others. If a site is seeing heavy traffic, rest other hosting may get affected but there is no such risk with VPS hosting.


Advantage-2: Private Resources

Like the dedicated server hosting all the resources of the VPS is dedicated entirely to you.  The computing resources like the RAM, CPU, disk space that you get in VPS are far more than shared hosting. It means that you can handle more traffic and run more apps as well.


Advantage-3: Better Performance

When you have more resources that are dedicated entirely to your site, then you are sure to get better performance. With better processing power, and capacity, your site can load quickly on the user’s browsers. Consequently, you are going to see better user engagement, better conversion rates and boos in the search engine rankings. If you use your server for any other process, it may not slow down your site.


Advantage-4: Get Root Access

With VPS server, you will get the complete root access. It means that you will have more control over how the server will be configured and you will have the liberty to install the applications that you want. You can make use of these applications over the control panel.


Advantage-5: Choose the Application You Need

When you go for Linux VPS hosting, you will have all the freedom to install the application that you need. Unlike shared hosting, you have this freedom here.


Advantage-6: Managed Service

With Linux VPS hosting you will not have to manage the server on own as it will be taken care of by the hosting provider.


In the End

With so many advantages for small and medium scale businesses can gain a lot by opting for Linux VPS hosting.


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