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6 Most Common Myths about Leadership Coaching Online

By: Elanora Brown

No doubt, the world depends on effective leadership. And, there is no surprise that more and more companies are choosing online executive coaching programs to provide training to their staff and improve their business performance by building leaders. However, despite many successful years of online coaching , a large percentage of people don’t consider it a comprehensive mode of training because they have developed certain myths about it.

In this article, we would like to highlight five most common misconceptions about the online leadership coach training program. Read on to debunk them.

 Myth 1. Online training is not as convenient as on-site coach training.

This is probably the most common myth. The online training option is as convenient as the traditional one, and in fact, a notch higher in convenience. Online classes save a lot of time and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. There is no need for physical presence in a class. Would you prefer taking your leadership coach training in your own comfort or finding time to travel a certain distance for it? Most leaders choose the first option.

Myth 2. The online executive training program is not as effective as the traditional classes.

Online training is on the rise for a reason. Live online classes are highly effective and beneficial than in-person ones because they are still able to provide individual attention to every attendee in a virtual space. Moreover, with the flexibility that comes with online coaching, it is a game-changing opportunity for working professionals who want to pursue learning while earning.

Myth 3. A coaching student is unable to see what is going through online executive coaching.

Leadership coach training program involves two-way communication with mutual respect and trust. Saying that a coaching student cannot see what’s going on is totally unsubstantiated. When you provide online training to your employees, all attendees will be able to know what’s going on during the training via live conversations. Questions can also be asked during online training in a live format.

Myth 4. Online coach training is not personal

There is no difference between online coach training and in-person training program in terms of personalized experience. The availability of high-quality videos can let you experience almost the same quality of studying as being there in-person. If truth be told, most candidates are visual learners, so digital meeting is more personal and interactive for them. With the online mode, you have enough time to think and freely express your thoughts and ideas. Moreover, you will have time to participate in the discussion without apprehensions that exist in physical classes.

Myth 5. It’s tough to share documents in online coach training.

On contrary! Sharing documents in online leadership program is easier than ever. It’s fast and effective. If you require submitting bulk of documents, you can email them. However, for corporate training, there is no need of submitting any documents, as your company has your entire records so it does everything for you.

Myth 6. Online Coach Training Is Not for Every Employee

This is again incorrect and a negative notion to believe in. Every employee at your company can join the online training program and should be given an opportunity to learn. However, it depends on the who they want to train to meet business goals. Usually, online coach training is open to many employees. Whether you are an executive, manager, potential leader, team leader or an individual in a supervisory role, you can attend leadership coach training.

To conclude, online leadership coach training program is more comprehensive, more effective and more flexible than an on-site delivery method. With the right online learning platform, you’re able to let your employees attend the training program as well as improve performance in their leadership role.


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