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5 Ways To Encourage Your Employees To Stay Productive At Work

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An engaged workforce is one of the most vital components of a successful organization. Employee productivity is essential to sustaining a business. Keeping your team motivated to give you their best should be at the top of your to-do list because their dedication and efforts turn your business goals into reality.

Encouraging productivity requires today’s business leaders to cultivate strategies to assess and meet the needs of employees. People tend to contribute more when they are emotionally invested in what they are a part of. Here are some ideas to help you enhance employee performance in your workplace.


Study Your Employees

Entrepreneur Heather McGough suggests that business leaders assess what functions each employee enjoys performing and help channel employees’ efforts toward what they have a knack or passion for. People tend to be more productive with work that they like. One-on-one communication with your workers — and follow-up on what you discover about them — is making a significant emotional investment that is likely to pay off with greater commitment from them.

Regular conversation with your employees is vital to keep them inspired to perform at their best on the job. You will find that different people are motivated by different things, and you will need to devise individualized plans to suit each one. These plans will provide a template for ensure that each employee receives the attention, direction, and empowerment they need to be productive.


Promote Growth and Change

Opportunity for advancement is a potent motivator for most workers. Cultivate a culture of training and make it a priority for all employees. Today’s leaders must move beyond older learning methods so that employees can benefit from a mix of self-created learning, interactive training, and e-learning. Continuous peer feedback is also a powerful tool for motivation.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh recommends that we should learn to drive and encourage change. An environment of continuous learning and growth helps keep workers prepared for change, be it technological, organizational, or otherwise. This investment into your staff will demonstrate your commitment to their progress, and they are more likely to reciprocate with a stronger commitment to yours.


Allow Employees to Try

Innovation is possible when people have the freedom to offer and test new ideas. Cultivating an environment of experimentation empowers workers and teams to grow through opportunities to make mistakes and create solutions. People tend to become more motivated about their work when they take ownership of it and are free to mess up without repercussion. Cindy Keaveney, Chief People Officer of Randstand Sourceright advises that leaders need to ensure their workers can work together more effectively across functions throughout their company, anticipate continual progress, implement new ideas, and expand competencies and experiences.

Employees need to have a sense of purpose beyond getting a paycheck. Managers need to communicate the vision of the business and how each worker contributes to the greater purpose. As employees internalize the company’s mission and fuse it with their own, they will be motivated to play their part with more enthusiasm. When you let your employees know that you trust them to do the best possible job, they will rise to your expectations. Your encouragement and confidence in them will bolster their self-confidence and productivity.


Set the Atmosphere

Since workers are indoors 90 percent of the time, the work environment plays a large role in their health and well-being. A dry, cold-feeling office is not likely to bring out the best in your staff. They will work better in a space that is comfortable and welcoming with a combination of the best office workstations, lighting, and design suited for collaboration.

Research indicates that providing green spaces at work can help improve employee performance by alleviating mental fatigue, thereby increasing employee learning, alertness, and satisfaction. It may not be feasible for every company to build a completely green office, but everyone can take small steps toward sustainability. Businesses can opt for non-toxic cleaners, place small plants on desks and tables, or forge a green team to implement LEED best practices.


Show Them the Way

GYMGUYZ founder Josh York states: I’m always pumping energy through the office. I’m really enthusiastic and want my staff to feed off that positive energy.” As a business leader, you are the one who drives morale and shows employees what you expect of them. Leading by example is a powerful way to keep your employees motivated. Observing you should invigorate them to put forth their best efforts every day.

The Golden Rule still stands as an ideal standard for how we treat others. Walmart founder Sam Walton stated that nothing can take the place of sincere words of praise given at the right time; although they are free, they are priceless. Leaders should always speak with employees the way they want others to speak to them. Express gratitude and appreciation for any effort; do not take your employees’ presence and efforts for granted. Be open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that the major workforce challenges today are retention/turnover, recruitment, and culture management. SHRM’s research indicates that employee recognition and other personal and professional development programs may help companies meet these challenges. Although motivation is a universal factor in productivity, it is unique to each person. One of your primary tasks as a leader is to learn and do all you can to keep your staff inspired to do what they do best.

Employees need to see transparency, positivity, and trust from their leaders. They also thrive when they are given the opportunity and encouragement to develop their skills and knowledge. More developed people can contribute more to your company. People who have been encouraged to align themselves with your organization’s purpose — and empowered to contribute and grow — will be more productive and find greater fulfillment in their work.


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