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5 Tips To Get Attention In Every Industry Event

By: Sunder Singh

Industry events are a great way to get noticed, create a buzz and get noticed. They are also fertile grounds for networking. Either way, you need to draw as much attention to your company as you possibly can. All the other participants at the event will have the same goal in mind. As such, there is no space for modesty. Here you have to put your best foot forward, go big and bold, shout the loudest- whatever it will take to upstage everyone else.

What are some of the things to keep in mind while planning for a great event? We have put together five ways that will guarantee you steal attention from everyone else.


1. Do your research on your competitors

Information is power. The more information you are able to gather concerning your competitors, the better. Knowing what they have in store will tell you what you’re up against so you can go a few notches higher during the event and win the crowd.

A good place to start is online. Most companies cannot resist the urge to showcase what they have regarding an upcoming event. Look for clues in terms of giveaways, competitions, entertainment and so on. Once you have this information, go bigger and better.

The same works in the reverse, so try not to lay out your entire strategy on your social media until a few short days to an event this is a tightrope. In as much as you want to create a conversation to bring in the numbers, don’t go too far. This information might be used against you. Of course, you can drop a few breadcrumbs to entice and engage people to come to the event, but don’t give away your secrets.


2. Talk and plan strategy in advance

Like most things, you want to start thinking about your event and mapping it out in advance. Start thinking about your budget and how much it can do. Who would be the best people to send to represent you at the event? You have to assemble a professional, well-groomed, knowledgeable team.

Note too, that it is not just about attention, but attention from the right people. Think about your target audience and your company goals. How can you merge the two?

Company goals could include:

  • To grow revenue.
  • To build your brand.
  • To decrease organizational turnover.

Once you figure out what your main goal is, align this to your strategy. This will help you formulate a message and create activities to get you the right kind of attention.

Use your email list and social media to put word out there on the upcoming event. Make it fun and engaging and give it a not to be missed feel.


3. Promotional items

You want to stay in the mind of your audience long after the event. You should distribute

strong promotional items to take away. These can either be a goodie bag swag or gift items. The word to remember here is unique.

Let your giveaways be as unique as possible. If the other stands are giving out the same thing as last year and the year before that, use this to your advantage. While your competition is thinking pens, mugs and umbrellas, think outside the box. Come up with something that will entice people into your stand, not to the next one. Depending on your budget, think of items like sunglasses, headphones, laptop covers, Rubik cubes and so on. In short, anything unique will make you memorable.

The two key aspects of a giveaway are:

  • Pick items you can brand with your logo, company name or colors.
  • Go with functional, useable items: items like headphones or laptop bags will be used occasionally. This will bring your brand to mind for the attendees as well as other people.


4. Your booth and display

This is huge. A significant portion of your budget will go towards your booth and display. Invest in a great display. Nobody goes to Industry events to check out the drab companies with the poor displays. A boring display will keep the traffic moving past you and on to the next one. Professional exhibition stands display a sense of sophistication and can help you connect with the right audience.

What are the bits and pieces of a great display?


# Location

Try and get a central location with the most anticipated traffic. Most of them go for a premium so your working budget will play a huge role in this.


# Size

Check the floor space well in advance, as well as the height clearance of your booth. Measure it against how many visuals or staff will be manning the booth; it should not look too crowded. Remember aesthetics matter; you want to look like your company is doing well and not strapped for cash.

You need sufficient interaction space too. If your budget does not allow a big booth, consider one with opens sides so your crowd can spill over to the outside.


# Prominently display branding items, use lighting and banners and audio-visuals to create a lively mood.


5. Get a crowd

Crowds attract crowds. The best way to attract people to your booth is by having a crowd in your booth. Think about it, when you see a lonely stand what comes to mind? What about one with people milling around? The latter automatically make you think there is something pretty exciting at that booth that you probably don’t want to miss out on.

How can you get a buzzing crowd in your booth?

Competitions: This goes back to knowing your audience. What would your audience want to see people compete in? A cook-off, or an eating competition or even a trivia the list is endless. Find one your audience will enjoy.

Entertainment: you can have comedians, clowns, acrobats some form of entertainment to draw in the crowds. If you have a big budget, you can hire a top musician for a performance, or your celebrity brand ambassador. The key is to know your audience extremely well.

Refreshments: Imagine the impact of an ice-cream at an event in mid-summer? This will pull crowds and your brand will probably be more memorable than your competitor who offered boring old mugs.



Whatever your budget for an event is, find ways to be creative, engaging and entertaining. Research well and ensure to sync the companies objectives with the overall theme of the event. At the end of the day, after the pomp and color ends, you still want the event and the budget allocated to the event to be justifiable. It all goes back to the revenue your company is able to generate.


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