Defining Marketing Campaign Objectives

5 Tips To Consider When Defining Your Marketing Campaign Objectives

By: Sunder Singh

Your company’s marketing campaign objectives represent the power of your brand. These objectives can easily make or break the relations your company enjoys with its current and even future clients. Getting the best out of the marketing campaign objectives can be quite difficult.


Objectives vs Goals

The first point of failure for most companies that look to get the best out of there marketing campaigns and objectives is failing to understand the difference between objectives and goals. Though they may seem quite like the same thing, the truth is that they are very different especially when it comes to marketing campaigns.

Goals: There can simply be defined as broad-stroke benchmarks that are vital in guiding and shaping the overall marketing strategy of a company. Goals usually involve mentioning the desired result. Additionally, sometimes they do mention the benefits a business is likely to derive from its objectives. A company can have different goals for different key areas within it.

Objectives: Objectives are different from goals are they are precisely defined. They usually provide in-depth directions and tactics on the steps needed for a company to achieve its goals. In addition, objectives also mention how each of the activity done will positively impact a brand’s marketing success.

For more information on the difference between goals and objectives, click here. With a good understanding of the differences between objectives and goals, you can now move forward. Here are five tips to consider when defining your marketing campaign objectives.


Be SMART about it

Having well laid out objectives for your company will contribute significantly to its success in achieving its goals. Therefore, it’s very important that be SMART about how you go about it. Here is what the SMART acronym stands for when it comes to defining your marketing campaign objectives.

Marketing Campaign Objectives


Specific: It’s essential that both your company’s objectives and goals are specific. This means that they should be linked to something specific like a performance indicator, brand focus or even metric.

Measurable: You should always make sure that your company’s objectives are measurable. In addition to that, you should be able to monitor the progress. You can measure your objectives through metrics such as an increase in traffic, number of engaged users, resulting sales or any other relevant parameters. If an objective or a goal is abstract, it means that you are on the wrong path.

Aspirational: The objectives that you put in place for your company should be inspiring. These objectives should motivate your efforts towards achieving the set goals.

Realistic: It’s easy for you to set the bar too high for your company when defining is marketing campaign objectives. Make sure that the objectives and goals that you set are not too high to become unachievable.

Time-bound: It’s crucial that you set a timetable for the goals and objectives that you have for your company. This timetable will not only define the results that you get but also motivate you.


Brainstorm with SWOT

Brainstorming with SWOT is another vital area of focus if you are looking to define your marketing campaign objective excellently. This brainstorming technique requires you to look at your brand or company both internally and externally. Through this in-depth analysis, you can be able to identify the unique aspects of your company. Additionally, you will also be able to figure out what barriers may hinder your way to success by coming between your company and its objectives. Here are what the SWOT acronyms stand for:

SOT Analysis

Strengths: You should carefully analyze your company’s internal strengths and be able to come up with ways of maximizing on them.

Weaknesses: Identify your company’s weaknesses and try to come up with ways of eradicating or minimizing them.

Opportunities: In your analysis, you should make sure that you identify what opportunities are available for your company externally.

Threats: Make sure that you establish what external factors pose a threat to your business objectives and goals. Make sure you come up with ways to mitigate these threats.

For more information on SWOT analysis in marketing, click here.


Assign KPIs to Your Marketing Objectives

To make to make your marketing campaign objectives complete, it’s vital that you have a plan in place on how you can measure them all. Your company’s plan must have benchmarks and KPIs on them for them to turn out successful. You can assign numbers, metrics and deadlines to each of your marketing objectives. This will allow you to evaluate the results of your campaign along the way easily. Make sure that you have your KPIs assigned before you start implementing on your marketing campaign objectives.



Stick To the Original Plan Unless Otherwise

Companies have failed in their quest to achieve their marketing campaign objectives just because they were unable to stick to their original plan. For you to avoid such a situation, make sure that you stick to your original plan. Do not stick to it too much as business environments might change and require your company to adapt unless such a situation occurs its best to stick to the original plan.


Seek Professional Help

In some cases, not only when the going gets tough but also if you need a future proof marketing campaign objective, you can seek professional help. At all levels of business, there are companies that have specialized in helping other companies reach their goals and objectives — depending which how much of this professional help your company needs, the cost of these services may vary. But you can be sure after seeing the results you will agree that it was all worth it. One of the most established firms offering professional help to companies on their marketing campaign objectives is Brisbane Branding Agency. This company has been tested and proven in this field, and you and your business should expect nothing less than excellent.

In your company’s marketing campaign objectives, it’s important to keep in mind that you should try and maximize its strength. On the other hand, internal weaknesses and external threats may have devastating consequences on your progress, and special attention should be paid to them.


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