5 Practical Ways to Showcase Your Brands

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Showcasing your brand is all about getting people talking, and thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make this happen. If you’re searching for exciting ways to show off your brand and get it viral, check out the following tried and true methods:


1. Give Away Branded Merchandise

One of the best ways to showcase your brand is to use branded merchandise. Things like branded cooler bags, apparel, office supplies and fitness equipment are all useful and portable, and they can help you spread the word without breaking the bank. In many cases, you can get a discount on branded merchandise when you buy in bulk, so be sure to ask your manufacturer or distributor about this perk.

Something to consider when you purchase branded merchandise is each item’s size. You want to select items that are practical in everyday situations to encourage people to take your items with them. You should also think about where you want your items to be seen. As mentioned, things like cooler bags are a good option because they can be taken to sporting events, the beach, on camping trips and other places where people socialize.

Likewise, apparel is a good choice because your branded items can be worn just about anywhere. If you do choose to go with clothing, however, take some time to research common sizes so that you have something for everyone, and think about the climate where your clothing is likely to be worn.


2. Utilize Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is essentially the act of giving consumers the chance to learn about your brand through interactive sensory experiences. This requires thinking outside the box, but you can give quite an experience and still remain practical and within budget with a little bit of work. Some companies create interactive displays at trade shows or public events to showcase their brands, but this can be expensive when you get into things like touch screen displays and virtual reality experiences.

Instead, focus on quality experiences instead of expensive ones. One option would be for you to create a game show environment where consumers attending an event could play to win prizes. This can be done with a microphone, speaker and some simple props. Remember that the goal of experiential marketing is to let consumers have fun while also learning about your brand, so make sure every part of the experience ties back into the story you’re trying to tell. Also, don’t make the experience into a sales pitch as this will turn people away and could negatively impact your brand.


3. Constant Content Creation is Vital

These days, brands rely on content to spread the word online. Content is basically any type of media that can be shared, including text, audio and video. The reason you want to produce quality content is that it not only gives consumers information and entertainment, but it also encourages consumers to pass the content along, meaning more eyes on your brand. For this reason, an easy way to showcase your brand is by constantly producing and updating valuable content across all of the web properties your brand operates.

Content marketing is practical in that it only requires an investment of time on your part, and with the right piece of content going viral, your brand could become an international sensation overnight. Think about all of the interesting, funny, and downright bizarre videos or articles you’ve seen posted by friends, family and colleagues on social media over the past year. Someone somewhere out there created that content, and it’s likely that his or her goal was the same as yours: to get a brand noticed and shared. As a result, try to take a little bit of time each day to work on either creating content or mapping out a content strategy that lists content you’d like to create and how that content will fit into an overall campaign or branded theme.


4. Live Your Brand

If you want your brand to scream authenticity, then live your brand when you think no one is looking. Living your brand means keeping with its core values and its mission at all times. This is a practical way to showcase your brand as it’s free and it gives your brand a personal feel in a world full of fake corporate promises and platitudes. Of course, to live your brand, you must first clearly define your brand. Is it innovative and progressive? Then think and act progressively when in public and in private. Is your brand solid and traditional? If so, then you need to give off that perception in all that you do.

You also need to make sure that your employees understand the brand from top to bottom and that they are also willing to live your brand at all times. Keep in mind that your employees act as ambassadors of your brand, so if you want to showcase the positive aspects of your company, you’ll need your employees to think, act and live accordingly.


5. Practice Reputation Management

Reputation management often gets a bad name because it makes people think of combating negative online press through methods that might be considered a bit nefarious. The reality, however, is that reputation management means much more than trying to bury negative reviews or bad public relations pieces. Instead, it means protecting your brand by doing things like quickly responding to questions posted online or addressing concerns before they become a larger issue. Proactive reputation management showcases the fact that your brand not only cares about the customer experience, but also that it is diligently keeping track of quality and customer service standards.

The bottom line is that showcasing your brand means making sure that you are accentuating all of its positive attributes in an attempt to get people talking and convert consumers into customers. Because there are so many ways to showcase your brand, you should also consider combining tactics and mixing and matching them for a greater effect. Once you find the right combination of practical branding and marketing, you’ll likely find that the process becomes effortless and allows your brand to shine.


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