5 Marketing Strategies for Writers Who Hate Promoting Their Own Work

By: Caroline

Often times it can be extremely difficult for writers to really take the time to promote themselves and find the best marketing plan. There tends to be a big misconception about marketing and what it really means. It does require time and effort, but, without marketing it would be very difficult to develop higher pay and establish one’s self.

As an independent and self-sufficient writer there are areas of marketing to focus on that will increase your chances of repeat clients and consistent work, as well as higher pay. By focusing on a content marketing strategy example, writers can increase their clientele and income.

When Marketing Reflects Truth

Often times there are people who associate marketing with “trickery” but that is merely a form of brainwashing and false advertising. Marketing for authors has more to do with finding people who are sincerely interested in what you have to say through the use of quality writing. This is a content marketing strategy example that is underrated and often unseen.

Clients look for work with consistency in high-quality writing and when an author’s marketing reflects this, it is a breath of fresh air as well as an opportunity for more work. Hard work pays off and to promote one’s self with authenticity, develops trust and more opportunities.

Help People, Help You!

The truth is, there are people out there waiting to find a writer just like you. A writer with the capacity to accomplish great conveyance through words and text. Unfortunately, these clients will not know who you are or find you if you are not giving them a channel to do so.

Creating a marketing strategy is as simple as letting an audience know that you do exist and are waiting to help them, just as they are waiting to help you. By taking the stigma of advertising away and looking at it as a way to connect with people that are interested in what you do, it can be less tedious.

A Form of Attraction

Writing a good marketing plan is another way to implement the “Law of Attraction.” By putting your work out there and in the areas that you want to work in, a writer can attract the type of work they have expertise in or simply enjoy. There are many ways to attract a customer base but the key is to specify the type of audience that you are looking for. By narrowing down your audience and focusing on successful marketing strategies, the opportunities are endless. An online and digital marketing plan sample is an efficient way to display a satisfactory resume.

Build a Public Portfolio

Being that we live in a hybrid world and most writing work consists of connecting with people online, having a digital marketing plan sample is essential to growth. By creating a website or online portfolio you are actually creating a marketing strategy. This illustrates that the writer is dedicated to their work and passionate about it.

By displaying writing samples, clients will be more likely to want to work with you because they are more familiar with your writing style and flexibility. On this public portfolio or website you can also give clients the opportunity to leave reviews for you which in turn can help new customers find trust in working with you for the first time.

Think of this as your online resume and personal writing space that displays only your best work. By polishing this image and putting it out into the world, you will “attract” business partners and a clientele that you enjoy.

Sincerity and Hard Work

The best marketing plan does not have to be an in-your-face approach which is how many people envision it. It does not have to be obnoxious and repetitive. Sincerity and truth in work goes a long way in terms of marketing. It also inspires word of mouth with satisfied clients whom of which you have already worked with. Impressive writing, fairness and great communication is advertising in itself.

There is nothing that is more successful and persuading than a satisfactory experience that a new customer has had with you. When they are truly impressed by your expertise and ability to follow their direction, they will naturally share your business with people that they know. This will also motivate them to work with you repeatedly.

Fortunately, writing and marketing is a job that we can do with mobility. It doesn’t require heavy investing or even an office space. Through creativity and authenticity successful marketing strategies can develop into something that is constantly rewarding personally and financially. It’s merely science that what goes up must come down – by seeing writing as a good marketing plan, less of a job and more of a way to attract things into your life that pertain to you, it is much easier to develop a successful writing business.


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