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5 Key Differences between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

By: Sunder Singh

When you reach to a web hosting service provider, you have some key choices:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Each variant offers its benefits, but in this post, we’ll be looking at the key differences between cloud hosting and the dedicated servers.  Whether you are an SME or a larger business, you may want to know what the differences are and which one is the best for you. We’ll take a look at the main differences between the two from the performance, speed, uptime and most importantly the cost.


Cloud Hosting

In this form of hosting the resources which are needed to maintain your website are present in multiple servers which work together and are termed as “cloud.” It significantly reduces any downtime, and if a server goes down, there are others to take its place.  You can easily subscribe to cloud hosting in India as many providers offer this service.


Difference-1: Uptime

It is the time for which your server is online and is available to the users. This parameter is most important for any business that has an e-commerce site, and you are generating revenues from it. Cloud hosting offers the best uptime amongst all variants of hosting service. Dedicated servers also provide the hosting resources which you need, but they are at risk of the hardware failure, so they are at an increased risk of downtime.


Difference-2: Scalability

Cloud hosting service is highly scalable, and there is absolutely no downtime when you are scaling it. But when it comes to dedicated servers, their very nature offers many intricacies which impact the downtime. Besides, scalability on cloud computing can be achieved in just a few clicks, but you need another dedicated server to scale the resources which takes time depending on the web hosting provider you choose.


Difference-3: Point of Failures

There is no single point-of-failure in cloud hosting. When the server hosting the site fails, there is always a server to take replaced the failed one in no time. However, when the dedicated server fails it will immediately halt the site which may affect the business adversely.


Difference-4: Load Times

When you go for cloud hosting, you often get faster loading times on the back of varnish caching which store your site’s most used pages. On the other hand, when you go for dedicated servers, you get better load times on the back of more computing resources.


Difference-5: Costs

When it comes to costs cloud hosting has a clear advantage.  You will not have to buy or rent any hardware and only pay for what you use. When your business grows adding the space is hardly a challenge. But in case of the dedicated server, you will end increasing costs substantially whenever you decide to go for an additional server.


In the End

With so many advantages you can easily subscribe to cloud hosting in India, and there are many reputed and reliable hosting provider who offer their services at a reasonable price.


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