5 Crucial Components You Shouldn’t Overlook for a WordPress Website

By: Naveen

Do you know the WordPress celebrated its 15th Anniversary on 27th May? Yes, WordPress has now become a 15th years old company. During these fifteen years, this free open source content management system (CMS) has witnessed excellent growth.

If the market report of W3Techs is to go by, 31% of all websites use WordPress.

The above statistic proves that there are a number of people who are using WordPress for the online presence of their business. However, many people are yet to get online and use WordPress. If you come from them and are looking out to begin your online journey, then WordPress is an ideal platform for you.

While there are a lot of questions maybe flashing in your mind, the most important one will be –

What is required for building an ideal WordPress website?

Let’s continue reading this blog post to know about the essential parts that make up a good WordPress website.

Domain Registration

Before anything else, you need to register a domain name. This will be the address of your website. This is the name which visitors will type in Google to locate your site. Many popular domain extensions are available you can choose from. The most popular extensions are .COM, .NET, .IN, .ORG, etc. A diverse number of domain extensions are available. So, if the name you have chosen for your website has already been taken, you have a plethora of other domain extensions to choose from.

So, find a reliable domain registration site and register your domain first or someone else will book the desired name.

Website Hosting

WordPress is a free platform. However, web hosting space is required to store the files. That’s why when you search for the domain name at leading domain provider, it’s quite essential to search for WordPress hosting options as well to host your website. This will be the space where all your files and data will be stored.

While free web hosting services are available, they offer a lot of hidden costs, limitations, and regular downtimes. Before you step head for learning to host a website, it’s vital to understand what kind of hosting services you can avail that can suit your site the best. For example, you can go for WordPress shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. Find website hosting companies that can help you choose the right hosting for your site. Many popular website hosting providers help customers via chat, phones,and email and give you the ideal solution for your WordPress website.

Website Design

Once you install the WordPress site, focusing on the design of your website should be the next step. The good thing is that WordPress offers you thousands of free and paid themes. So you can choose the themes according to your business needs.

Most of the WordPress themes support basic customization without the need for an actual code change. Also, there are thousands of free and paid plugins that can allow you to add functionality. Install these plugins from WordPress. However, if you need heavy customization, it is good to contact a web developer.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are a must not just because search engines have made it is mandatory, but also because of the security of your website. SSL Certificates reduce the risk by encrypting sensitive data on your site. All the data and files on the website will remain safe from hackers and unauthorized users.

Having an HTTPS in your address bar boosts customer confidence in your website and also increase search engine rankings. There are many steps to install an SSL certificate. However, you can make it simple by choosing a WordPress Hosting solution because of its unique and user-friendly dashboard.

Backupand Security

Because WordPress is an extremely renowned platform, websites using the system are open to several attacks. Although the use of many plugins can help you rectify the security issue, you can entirely depend on them. Some plugins themselves turn out to be the primary cause of a security breakdown. It’s advisable to use a more comprehensive security solution like SiteLock to secure your WordPress website. This tool can help you by providing complete security to your site from various hackers and viruses. However, there are many other security tools you can use to secure your site.


Having a WordPress website is quite easy and simple. If you add all the five components mentioned above, you will be able to enhance the online presence of your business.


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