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5 Common Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Tenant Screening Background Checks

By: christinecapoche

Choose a wrong tenant, and you make a costly mistake – that could lead to losing thousands of dollars. Very often, landlords choose unprofessional tenant by making errors during the screening process. At times, they believe they have adequately screened their applicant. In reality, they skip a big piece of their applicant’s background.

Here are five common errors you may too make while conducting tenant screening background check. Doing so will make you go LOL.

1. Saying ‘No’ to Background Check

Amidst the confusion, what happens when you feel like a muggle in the world of wizards? You make mistakes! Many landlords or brokers rely on a simple gut check and ignore a very important part of- tenant screening check. Don’t do a simple gut check. Instead, make screening the priority. Focus on the applicant’s quality as well as potential risks. Make sure the tenant can meet your rental criteria. Choose a rental application tool to run tenant screening check in minutes.

2. Fails to Get Complete Story

A credit report is a part of tenant screening services. Without it, the story is incomplete. It is one of the essential components. The screening lets you have a look at tenant’s financial strength, amount of depth he or she currently has, how frequently they pay bills.

A credit check is also a way to ensure apartment-related collections against applicants. Such information lets you sense whether or not the tenant can pay the rent on time.

3. Skipping Eviction Reports

You make pizzas, and you miss adding salt to it. How will it test?

Eviction report is like the salt of a tenant screening background check. Don’t consider evictions to show up on a credit report. That can be helpful in case of monetary judgments. Try to get an in-depth eviction report by searching the applicant in national or state database of court records. A good rental app helps you find timely, accurate, and complete eviction and criminal reports. It can let you have high-quality reporting about the applicant.

Make sure the eviction reports typically include information about tenant judgment for possession and money, unlawful detainers, tenant judgments for rent, failure to pay rent and warrants of eviction.

4. Ignore Tenant’s Past

Don’t think ‘past it past.’ History can put you into great problems today. Though the records of one or more criminal convictions cannot alone disqualify an applicant; you shouldn’t turn your blind eye to it.

A person with criminal records may be a risk to your property as well as other tenants. He can damage your apartment or other valuable items. Make sure to focus on criminal records during the tenant background check.

5. Turning a Blind Eye to Apartment-Related Collections

Don’t you think a history of unpaid rents can create an issue for you? Yes. So, do due diligence and check apartment-rented collection history of the tenant. A complete tenant screening report includes records of the collection. Don’t be over smart to ensure this by judging the tenant’s future behavior.


There are always elements of risks in ensuring an applicant to be the right tenant for your rental property. It’s a crucial decision to make. The best bet is to find a reliable rental application tool available in the market.

It can help you gather every piece of information about an applicant and allows you to make the right decision. With it, you can choose the right tenant for your property some applications are available online for free of cost.

So, next time you conduct a background check, make sure you don’t skip the points above.


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