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4 Mind-Boggling Reasons Why You’re Business Should Have A Social Media Presence

By: Sunder Singh

Social media has grown tremendously in the last few years, but more importantly, the use of social media has become rampant among the young and the old. Seemingly, social media is taking up the internet as the go-to platform for relationship-building so that it has become the one place to search for long lost friends and family.

For businesses too, social media has gained tangibility where it is clearly notable among small and big businesses to seek after digital solutions from social media. This explains why techniques like the sharedcount have highly been employed to check performance on social media.

While social media isn’t necessarily the be-all end-all for your online marketing efforts, it can play a substantial role in getting you substantial results. This article enlists 6 reasons why your business should consider using social media if you haven’t done so yet:

Increasing brand visibility

If ever there was a way to increase the brand awareness and loyalty, social media is the route to take. Today, the largest percentage of the world is on social media, which means that your brand can rely on the huge presence of people on social media in building and creating a renowned reputation.

Although it might take time, being on the right platforms ideal for your type of business, interacting in the right manner, can do your brand justice.

The higher your engagement rates on social media, the more your business attracts reputation and gathers organic traffic and a huge audience reach, by simply getting more people to like, share and comment on your posts. Your business should rely not only on post reaches and views but also impressions, which might hint you on how well your brand is seen and known.

Grow your network

A growing business is one that is effortlessly growing in terms of customer-base, one trait that is usually hard to have as a brand. The fact about social media today is that most platforms have become search engines, so that, when people don’t find you on social media, it is like you do not exist.

Whether you’re there or not, your prospects are looking to social media first to connect with you, you need to be on these platforms. Growing your audience-base will depend on your activity with the initial customers, who ultimately are the ones that refer their friends and followers to your product, service or brand.

Remember to wisely use social media in relationship building by increasing the engagement with them. Your audience’s followers are the prospective customers you should be aiming to reach at through thorough engagements with your audience by being timely with responses to feedback, whether negative or positive.

When people have an opportunity to give valuable insights, they feel important, and they give you an opportunity to improve your products, services and marketing strategies with their feedback.

Increase Traffic and Conversions on Your Website

Whether or not your content is up to speed with the needs of the diverse audience type, you reserve the chance to drive traffic to your brand.

As you pursue getting more followers on your social media platform, however, ensure that your content is strong enough to drive the organic traffic to your site, but more so, to increase the conversion rates. Every time you include a link to your website in a social media post, you’re creating new points of entry for viewers to get to your website.

Typically, how this works is people, find your content amusing on social media, and click on your links or search for more information on your brand on search engines. The more people visit your website, the higher your website ranks on search engines, and the higher your site ranks when people search for the industry you operate on, the more organic traffic you get to your site.

Keep track of your Competitors

As a business, it is close to impossible to turn a blind eye to your competitors. If your competitors are doing better than you, they are probably already on social media, and this is a great place to keep tabs on their activities so that you can make informed decisions, especially on customer management.

Is your business digital but not on social media? Now you have valid reasons to join in with the rest!

Ultimately, social media gives you the ability to directly connect and interact with prospects and customers. The more integrated you become in the fabric of social media, the more benefits you’ll reap as a result.


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