4 Basic Debt Consolidation Mistakes to Avoid

By: lucasbell0083

“I got in touch with this debt consolidation company, but it didn’t work for me, what should I do?”- An irate customer.

You have been getting collection calls from your credit card company, and you decide to go for debt consolidation in Texas.

You asked your friend, “I have a lot of debt on my credit card, do you know any reliable debt consolidation company to help me?”

He said, “I too had a lot of debt, and I came in touch with this company ‘XYZ,’ and it worked for me.”

You worked on the advice of your friend and got in touch with the same company. Once you contact that company, you find that the service that you were looking for wasn’t available with them. So what works for your friend, may not work for you! The difference usually lies in the goals that you are trying to achieve. So if have you a different goal and have different financial capabilities then you should be looking for a company that solves your problem.

1- Don’t follow the advice of your friends blindly as you may have a different situation.

Somehow you managed to get the contact details of a credit card company; you decide to contact it.  But when you discussed your situation with its representative, he tells that they can help in secured debt consolidation. But as the credit card debt is unsecured one, so you’ll have to get in touch with another representative or other company. It’s a common mistake that too many people make. They are just too eager to set the ball rolling, and they go ahead with the first company that they come across. Instead, you should take a look at a few companies, decide on the most suitable option and then go ahead with it.

2-Don’t stick to one company only. You may have to research all your options to find a company that provides the solution that you want.

Now you have decided on a particular company, you discuss the problem with them, and they suggest a solution as well. But you are having a hard time controlling yourself. Remember, if debt consolidation is not done right, it may not work for you!

3-If you are not limiting the use of your credit; no solution may work for you!

Somehow you managed to pay your debt for now. But after a year you find yourself in the same situation again. You don’t want to lose the control of the debt-growth this time. What should you do? An effective approach demands that you get in root cause analysis of the reasons that are causing the debt to accumulate.

4-Don’t ignore the root causes behind debt consolidation, cut expenditure and focus of income.

In The End

So before you go for debt consolidation in Texas, make sure that you have researched all the options & are limiting the use of your credit card as well.


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