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3 Signs That Your Immigration Attorney Isn’t Good!

By: Elanora Brown

If you are planning to immigrate, then it is crucial that you hire an immigration attorney who can deliver the results perfectly. In most cases, the new clients first see the record of the firm in similar cases.  What if you have hired a lawyer and he is unable to deliver the results as expected then can you hold him accountable for it? Are you being informed about your rights as a client or have you signed an agreement which allows escaping to the attorney if he fails? When you are hiring an immigration attorney in Miami, you need to be careful and here are some signs that your attorney is not as good as expected:

Sign-1: The Lawyer Is More Interested In Giving You A Quote First

Immigration lawyers get many calls from the people who are shopping around for the quotes. If you call an attorney and ask how much do they charge for an EB-5 visa, then you are not doing your attorney any favor. If you get a quote which is very low over the phone then in all probability the quote is going to be inaccurate AND as he badly needs work. It is an alarming situation which shows that he lacks real skill. If you have decided to work with an immigration lawyer just after a phone call then you should cancel the agreement and start finding any other lawyer.

Sign-2: You Meet A Paralegal In The Initial Meetings

In the initial consultation, the immigration lawyer will assess your situation. He will carefully study your case and will then find the most suitable strategy to help you reach the desired goals and then set the expectations. But what if you come across someone other than the lawyer himself and who is not a licensed attorney then the chances are very high that information that you are providing may not be used to the best, and they may get lost as well. Will you want to fill out a questionnaire on the initial consultation? It is your lawyer who should meet you’re and give the much-needed attention for which you are willing to pay.

Sign-3: Lawyer Makes False Promises

When you are hiring a lawyer, it is very natural to ask whether the case will be approved. Every lawyer asks this question and but not every lawyer will guarantee results. Only the bad ones will make such false promises. Only the desperate ones will give such answers to avoid any further tougher questions which might raise a question mark in their ability to deliver the results.

What Should You Do?

To distinguish between the good and the bad attorney, you should do some research about him on the internet. You can also request some testimonials which you can speak to.


Hiring an immigration attorney in Miami is not a simple cup of tea, and you should make genuine efforts to find the most suitable one.


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