10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate Positive ROI

By: Sage Houston

The main objective of every business is to earn and maximize profits which is only possible if you are able to communicate with your clients effectively telling them about the products that you are offering for sale. Reaching out to your audience and converting them into your loyal customers is not an easy task. You will have to develop strong marketing strategies in order to make your brand a powerful entity in the market. Nowadays, digital marketing is a must for online businesses because it helps promote your brand to attract customers.

There are numerous digital marketing tools and techniques that you can use to reach out to your audience. In this particular article, you will get to learn 10 digital marketing strategies that you can use to increase the rate of return of your investment.



1. Create an Online Presence

It is imperative for companies to have an online presence for their business in order to increase their target audience and to generate more revenue. The e-commerce market has a lot of potential and can open doors to various opportunities for your organization in the long run. With an active social media profile, you can highlight the strengths of your business and establish your brand as a premium entity in the market. You can also create awareness of your brand and encourage customer engagement in order to come one step closer to your clients.

You need to realize and embrace the power of the internet and use the latest technological equipment to expand your business. It is worth mentioning the fact that your internet connection has to be stable and fast like windstream internet deals so that you can easily execute the marketing strategies. Register your brand on multiple platforms so that you can target more customers and focus on creating a website that is responsive and easy to navigate. Always respond to the queries of the clients and deliver a unique a customer experience so that they return to you for more.


2. Organic and Paid Search

You will definitely see a significant improvement in your marketing endeavors by making an effort in crafting your strategies. The results of your marketing strategies will automatically lead to an increase in the rate of return but there is a trick to this technique which lies in finding the perfect balance between organic and paid traffic.

Paid traffic involves the use of Google Adwords where you have to pay for your website to be shown at the top in the search results and when you put a stop to this campaign, your website’s ranking will fall down. This technique is good for businesses that are looking to attract leads in a short span of time. Organic traffic, on the other hand, pertains to search engine optimization where you organically improve the ranking of your website and the results of this technique become visible gradually with time. The organic technique has its own significance and it helps develop your website for a longer period of time.


3. Adopt SEO Practices

The sooner you realize the power of SEO, the better it is for your business. Search Engine Optimization can bring a significant change in the rate of return of your investment. You will feel the difference when you optimize your website as you will be receiving more online orders than before. In addition to this, your website will contain valuable content for your visitors which will benefit them in finding a solution to their problem. It is true that search engine optimization is not instant but it is the most cost-effective marketing strategy for online businesses.



4. The Pay-Per-Click Strategy

People tend to click on the links that appear at the top in the list of search results. With PPC or Pay-Per-Click strategy, you will be able to display the link of your website at the top of the page. This will bring more sales revenue to your business because you will pull more traffic to your web page. However, this strategy is not cost effective at all and you will have to allocate a proper budget for the implementation of this strategy. PPC is suitable for companies that know how to use keywords and how to spend on ads displayed on search engine websites.


5. Use Email Marketing Strategies

Most digital marketers are not aware of the benefits of email marketing and they fail to realize the opportunities that this particular technique can offer. Email marketing is great for businesses that wish to send personalized messages to their customers. With personalized messages, you can offer discounts and gift coupons to your clients so that they feel special. When you send out customized messages, the chances of you converting the customers into loyal clients increase significantly.



6. Focus on Content Production

Concentrate on producing valuable and meaningful content so that people can find detailed solutions regarding their problems. Moreover, the content on your website should be fresh, original and free from ambiguity. You can follow any format for your content as long as it is being posted on a regular basis. You can also use visual graphics in your content as it attracts more traffic.


7. Measure Your Marketing Activities

It is always a good idea to use multiple marketing strategies to achieve the goals and objectives of your company. However, when you execute the strategies, keep track of the activities and measure the results in order to know what you achieved and how well the strategies worked.


8. Incorporate Call-To-Action in Your Content

Never underestimate the power of call-to-action because it encourages people to take an action after seeing your ad. Call-To-Action increases the conversion rate and can also help you in generating valuable leads for your revenue.

call to action strategy

9. Build Responsive Website

Your website should be user-friendly and it should be optimized for multiple platforms so that your customers can easily navigate around your site and place online orders. Nowadays, people prefer using smartphones to access different websites, therefore, you should ensure that your web pages are compatible with different gadgets.


10. Implement Market Automation

To successfully implement market automation, you should look for a platform that is credible for customer relationship management. This automation will allow you to integrate all your marketing activities in one place so that you do not have to use different sources. Moreover, automation will help you keep your content intact and consistent so that you can provide detailed information regarding your business.



With the implementation of aforementioned strategies, you will definitely notice an improvement in the rate of return of your business and with the passage of time, your company will expand and will become a powerful brand in the market.


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